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Cofferide without coffe is just a ride 😄 had fun this morning with my guys 🏅🏆 juniors #adriamobilcycling #cycling #lovecycling #iamspecialized #fiat #enjoylife #havingfun

Instagram kondicijskitrener

Long journeys are much more comfortable if you have the necessary compression equipment. Thanks to @cepslovenia my legs are not tired.

Instagram kondicijskitrener

Just like on the bike 🚲 always in the headwind🌬 🌊#fitness #fitnesslife #fitlife #beachworkout #beachtraining #rubbertubetraining #rubbertubetraining

Satisfied clients

Alenka Novak – cyclist

I compete in road cycling for 10 years already in category Woman Elite. Three years ago I started to train under the guidance of coach Josip. In this period I made great improvement strength, speed, endurance and bike handling skills . Josip is truly a great coach for physical conditioning , he prepares athletes with devotion, he devotes to each individual and takes into account his wishes and goals. Athletes are different in regard to regeneration, body type…, so it is necessary to adapt the training to each individual and Josip always takes that into account. Under his guidance, I was twice second in the national time trial, I become national record holder in the velodrome riding in one hour, twice I won and once I was second in the Slovenian Cycling Cup for women elite. Thanks to Josip for helping me achieve these results.

Erjon Kastrati - professional basketball player

Josip is a top coach professional and creative. I work with him for 5 years since I arrived in KK Krka. Also Josip takes care of my offseason training so I am always ready for a new competitive season. Personally, I am very pleased to work with him and as long as I will play professional basketball l will train with him.